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About us

Healing Hooves provides Equine Assisted Counselling (EAC), a client-centred process where horses “teach” us about ourselves. It is a collaborative partnership between horses and humans, assisting one in one’s personal journey of growth and development. Horses are uniquely sensitive to the feelings of those around them and respond in ways which reflect aspects of ourselves and our relationships. The model is an innovative, ethical set of best practices that builds on the human/horse connection to help people learn more about themselves and to use that learning to change their lives.

Programmes are facilitated by Dr. Juliette Whelpton, a registered Specialist Wellness Counsellor (SWC 18/279), specialising in Eco-Counselling and combines Equine Assisted Interventions, Eco-Art and Eco-Adventures. Programmes are focused on developing clients’ skills, such as communication, team work, creative thinking, decision making, and personal growth and development through experimental learning.